‘Headless Over Heels’ consists of twelve tracks, eleven of which are original. The twelfth is a cover of ‘What’s Up,’ a song originally by 4 Non Blondes. It’s set for release this summer as it aims to be one of the most satisfying punk rock experiences of the season. The record was recorded at Pacific Recording Studios in Tacoma, Washington, and will receive a massive digital release to all major platforms. (iTunes, Amazon, and so on.) It’ll also be available as a physical CD.

The release of the companion comic will be both physical and digital. The digital release will be available in an array of formats, thus allowing for easy viewing on e-readers and tablets. Each song on ‘Headless Over Heels’ has been interpreted by a different artist. These artists range from the band’s hometown all the way to the Philippines.
What's Being Said About HEADLESS OVER HEELS

“Keeping close to that classic punk aesthetic, the tracks are short and snappy, matching the sense of urgency that is found in the band’s sound. So often we are offered sound-alikes or blatant wannabes, but the sound of Suburban Vermin is eerily close to that which Kurt Cobain was trying to do before he was so totally destroyed by the industry and expectations placed upon him.’ - Crossradar

“Suburban Vermin’s new album “Headless Over Heels” is a punk/rock sensation that definitely exceeded my expectations. I’ve listened to a lot of different types of indie music and have to say this album is at the top of my list of go to listens while chilaxin’. Powerful vocals and awesome instrumentals blend in to bring a rich and very real emotional sound that actually well,sounds “real” and not “manufactured” like a lot of mainstream music nowadays.” - IndieGoIndie

“This album is relentless in it’s pure sonic power and you have to get your copy once it becomes available you will not regret picking up a copy of this masterful punk album that will smack your ears with sounds that haven’t been around for quite a long time!” - Very Cool Tunes

“Some might say Suburban Vermin are 30 years to late. I would say that punk never dies. Songs like “Metal Alice” & “Headless Over Heals” will always have a place in the music history.” - Recent Music

“After listening to Seattle-based Suburban Vermin, I can say punk is back. Not 3-chord power pop. I'm talking full sneer, padlock n' chain necklace, lace up your boots, you haven't had fun unless you left the show with a few bruises-style punk.
Do you hear that? We NEED more of this!“- Tersichore Music Reviews

"I know punk music isn’t for everyone, but everyone can enjoy punk music (if that makes sense). What I mean is, if you listen to the album and let it grow on you, you will appreciate what Suburban Vermin have achieved here…Hearing ‘Headless Over Heels’, easily puts Suburban Vermin on my ‘all-time favorite punk band’ list.” - Jamsphere Magazine

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